Within the PA and surrounding areas, there are numerous examples of buildings constructed with trusses suited to each style of finished product. Whether you need a home, barn, shed or other functional structure, Triple D Truss offers the correct truss for the job and provides a truck with a crane for placement. Triple D Truss is committed to providing each customer with a tailored experience based on the project needs. Call today to learn how we can help you!

The following examples represent some of the possible variations on the basic types of trusses. The only limit to the design is your imagination!

The pitched or common truss is characterized by its triangular shape. It is most often used for roof construction. Some common trusses are named according to their web configuration such as the King Post, Fan or Fink truss. The chord size and web configuration are determined by span, load, and spacing. All truss designs are optimized to provide the most economical application.

Next, a common scissor truss type is the cathedral style, which has a center point higher than the walls. This is a common upgrade to give a more expansive look to a structure, whether it is inhabitable or not. The scissor truss eliminates vertical and horizontal elements for an open feel, in addition to supplying storage racks for buildings in the practical shed application.

Another scissor truss type is the vaulted ceiling truss, which completes construction when one wall is higher than its opposing wall. With this approach, the volume of the room increases to add a more spacious look to a home. For a storage application, long or unusually shaped items may be comfortably stored upright for ease of attainability.

Attic trusses make a habitable room with a floor out of unused space, or they may be used to make a storage space only. A gambrel attic truss adds more headroom, so that the space becomes more walkable. We at Triple D Truss work with your plans to deliver any of these trusses to your specifications, and we customize, too, for those spaces difficult to complete a project in. Allow us to bring our expertise to your project site.

Trusses are an important asset in most buildings. Triple D Truss uses a customer's material list for offering a pole barn package. With customer satisfaction such as this, it is no wonder that Triple D Truss stands out in the field of providing quality product and services. If you’d like to see any of our other products and services, visit our Lumber and Metal Roofing/Siding pages! Alternatively, feel free to reach out today to learn more!

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