When it comes to needing lumber, look no further than Triple D Truss. We are a full service lumberyard servicing Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. From the beginning of a project to its completion, we stand by contractors and builders with excellent grade dimensional lumber and posts. Reach out today to start your next project!

Since treated lumber is meant for exterior use, it resists rotting and insect damage. The pressure treatment enables wood to come into contact with ground and the dampness associated with the outdoors and last for decades before needing repair. The treated lumber may be painted or stained for customizing to a client's desire.

Dimensional lumber and studs are milled on all four sides for a variety of construction uses. We at Triple D Truss also offer both plywood and OSB for your construction project. They are formed from thin sheets of wood or wood chips using glue or resin and then cured under heat and pressure.

Our hardwoods and softwoods come designated with the manufacturer, certification mark, grade, moisture content and species mark for absolute specifications according to any contractor's plan. Clients shopping for wood on their own need only consult any Triple D Truss lumberyard associate for help with selecting exactly what they want for their project.

When the project is completed, each step of the way is guaranteed solid and secure with the best selection of lumber in the PA and surrounding area. Come and join our list of satisfied clients by reaching out today! Alternatively, if you’d like to see any of our other products and services, visit our Trusses and Metal Roofing/Siding pages!