Metal Roofing & Siding

Since 2005, Triple D Truss has offered custom made materials to the construction industry of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. In addition, we service all of the United States, and we pride ourselves on furnishing that complete, finished look that only metal roofing and siding provides. When we say that we work with Central States Manufacturing, our clients realize that weather will neither tarnish any trusses, roofs, or siding. In addition, satisfied clients point to top-notch customer service as the reason for their return business. Let's take a look at why metal roofing, metal siding and trusses remain all-important to the construction of homes, barns, sheds or any other building. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Triple D Truss is a distributor for metal roofing and metal siding because contractors cater to clients who desire the best look for their project. A metal roof or metal siding on a building provides sheathing to help control heating and air conditioning expenses during extreme weather. The colors that clients choose range from slate blue to brick red to simple silver and everything in between in order to coordinate with the overall look.

Our slogan is "Best Price For Top Quality," and since we customize metal for trusses, too, clients come away happy with the individualistic appearance at the final stage of construction. For example, by working with a client's material list for pole barn specifications, we give free quotes. From there, the client receives delivery of material, which includes custom manufactured trusses, on the work site with the aid of a truck that has a crane for accurate placement. In no time, the pole barn rises with sturdy roof, color coordinated metal siding and even elegant touches such as a portico.

When you take into account that Triple D Truss is a full-service lumberyard for wholesale building materials, it is paramount that you use our expertise in not only metal roofing and siding, but other supplies as well. Triple D Truss offers building materials like dimensional lumber, posts, sheeting, and metal for the complete construction picture. Allow our professionals to turn your project into the efficient experience that Triple D Truss is known for. Reach out today to see how we can help you with your next project! Alternatively, if you’d like to see any of our other products and services, visit our Trusses and Lumber pages!